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Crazy Cases

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 14:21
Has anyone ever thought of different types of locative, as seperate cases?
For instance:

Assuming |ba| means 'man', |ku| means 'eat'(no tense), |lo| means 'car',
|li| means 'road, and |zu| means sandwich.  |-k| is nominative and |-b| is


'the man in the car ate a sandwich'
ku bak zub lot
eat man.NOM sandwich.ACC car.NLOC


'the man ate a sandwich that was in the car'
ku bak zub los
eat man.NOM sandwich.ACC car.ALOC

Verbal Locative |n|:

'the man ate a sandwich in the car'
ku bak zub lon
eat man.NOM sandwich.ACC car.VLOC

Superlocative |p|:

'the man ate a sandwich in the car, which was on the road'
ku bak zub lon lip
eat man.NOM sandwich.ACC car.VLOC road.SLOC

This could potentially be done with a Genitive case as well...


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