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A Request for Texts for the Phonological Relay

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 2:16
I've mentioned this a few times in discussions about the Relay, but I
felt I should make a formal request so people who stopped following that
thread can submit their texts too.

Any text, in any language, natural or constructed, will be accepted.

Required in your submissions are an English translation of your text,
the text in the original language (not required if the text is in
English), and an IPA transcription of said text. If submitting an
English text, be sure to state what dialect of English you are using for
your transcription.

Also, specify which ASCII representation of the IPA you are using.
Kirschenbaum and SAMPA are the two most commonly used. Also, separate
the words as they are written, not as they would be pronounced. If
neccessary, mark longer pauses (ends of sentances, etc.) using a scheme
of your choice, as long as said scheme is clearly explained. Also, mark
the primary stress of each word, and tones if a tonal language is being
used. Explain the system of tonal representation used, as well.

Syllable boundary markings are optional, people should be able to figure
out where syllables begin and end relatively easily.

I have recieved one submission thus far, and if I recieve no others that
is the one I will use. It is around 110 words in English, which seems to
be a good length, so that should give you some idea of the length I'm
looking for. I will consider submissions of any length, tho I may be
forced to edit a long submission if I decide on it for the phonology &
sylablle structure of the language of the text.

All submission should be emailed to with a subject
to the effect of "Phonological Relay Text Submission". I will confirm my
reciept of the text by private email, and let the group know when I have
decided on a text. At that time, I will put out a request for people
looking to join the relay itself.

Thank you for your time & patience, and in advance for your submissions.