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Rather silly really.

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 3:10
One of my conlang's "little quirks" comes out nicely in

   Roni kkat kkatll kkat.
   /rOnoU x&t x&tl x&t/

which sounds utterly absurd, and I say this affectionately.
All it means is, "The action is done" (as a passive sentence).

If I borrowed "cattle" from English, I could say,

   Ront katll roniu kkat kkatll kkat katll.
   /rOnt k&tl rOnoU x&t x&tl x&t k&tl/

"The cattle's action is done by cattle".

   Roniu kkat of katll kkatll kkat katll.
   /rOnoU x&t Of k&tl x&tl x&t k&tl/

"The action of cattle is done by cattle".

Unfortunately (or maybe not), an English transliteration is impossible.
What do you think - should I borrow 'cattle' just for a laugh? :-) :-)


BTW on my computer at home, I have two Word files for conlanging in:

LANGUAGE.DOC is my documentation.
LANGPLAY.DOC is a space in which I play around with new ideas.

web.       | Here and there I like to preserve a few islands of sanity | within the vast sea of absurdity which is my mind.
member/    | After all, you can't survive as an eight foot tall
dragon     | flesh eating dragon if you've got no concept of reality.