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Scanner help/suggestions (was: LCC3 and K'tl ê)

From:Roger Mills <romiltz@...>
Date:Sunday, March 29, 2009, 17:06
Jeff Jones' question--

 does anyone
> know how I can get something > >> that can convert .BMP to .GIF or .PNG and runs on > Windows 98? And > >> doesn't cost me anything?
reminded me of my problem: I used to have a Visioneer scanner (back in W98 days) that created .max files of several pictures/maps. These will not now open in MS Paint. Now I have a Canon scanner-- bought on Ebay, supposedly NIB but you never know with Ebay..... It worked OK with a previous XP system though it was more complex than the old Visioneer and I never quite got the hang of it-- and it seemed to slow my current XP system down terribly, so I've uninstalled it. During the time it was installed, I didn't think to try it on the old Visioneer stuff. Would it have converted .max to something usable (e.g. bmp or jpg) that I could see/work on? Should I try installing it again? Did I possibly do something wrong? It seemed to require an awful lot of memory, perhaps there are things there I don't need Or should I try a new Visioneer? Or something else that doesn't cost an arm+leg........


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