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Re: more "discoveries" about the Techians

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 29, 2003, 11:25
From: "Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work" <daniel.andreasson@...>

> Really? The X-SAMPA chart I'm looking at says |'| is > indeed palatalization, but |`| surely is retroflexation. > In X-SAMPA |_>| is glottalization, or at least that's > the ejectives, but the difference between them escapes me. > > > > Hmm. Now I see that |`| is glottalization in Kirshenbaum. > Perhaps you should say that in the beginning of your mail. > |`| really is preferable when describing Tech. (But you > had me going around thinking Tech had a retroflex at the > beginning for a minute and I thought, "now *that's* a change." :)
I keep mixing Kirshenbaum and X-SAMPA, that's a problem. I can't decide on which one I like best. Retroflexes I usually mark with a period afterwards: t. d. s. n. r. l. I'm used to using my own translit. And an ejective is always glottalized, but a glottalized consonant isn't always ejective. Korean glottalized consonants are "tense", but not ejective.