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Re: Language of Tetril

From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Friday, December 14, 2001, 0:50
>Paris, Texas is one! :))) > >That's the fault of those y***s (FUN intended, I never use this word >anyway) who have the strange habit to name their towns after famous towns >from other parts of the world. So in the US you can find a dozen Paris, >Venices, Romes, Viennas, probably a few Londons. And of course there is >Memphis, named after the Hellenized name of a Ancient Egyptian city. > >At least, with New York and New Orleans they bother adding that it's a >*new* one :))) . > >Christophe.
Actually, a lot of city/town names are named after people or things. At least, in the West. In Nevada there are a lot of towns named after people, and a couple of Spanish and American Indian names, too. I haven't seen too many around here named after other famous cities, and I'm not at all sure if they're *that* common. Most of them are probably really small towns, I bet. ===== The Aquamarine Demon Gesám ayi mozuká. Gesám dohíng mozuká. Gesám adohíng mozuká! __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Check out Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Auctions for all of your unique holiday gifts! Buy at or bid at