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From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Sunday, December 9, 2001, 19:26
>Degaspregos had a whole series of clitics for functional morphemes. >Here're some stuff from my old webpage:
*You* made Degaspregos? I have two problems with it, and they're opinion-based. First, you have about 35 letters. That means you have to make digraphs in plenty and perhaps use some diacritical marks, both of which I try to limit. Either it makes typing long ("is that alt+0235, or alt+0233?"), or it makes the word uglier since it contains punctuation marks. (My two main conlangs have 23 and 20 letters respectively, and only one has digraphs or diphthongs. Neither uses diacriticals.) Second, I don't like the syllabic style, since it allows consonant clusters of 3 consonants. I always have a very sparing syllabic style, a reaction to English. If I spoke Georgian as a native language, it would be worse. However, that's just my opinion and my habits. Please do not feel that it reflects negatively on you in any way. Im relem tun nai kardei marki kirapona gith ik soki. (I hope [that] you don't have great heartpains for my words.) Christopher Wright, the overly opinionated lout whom you likely wish to lynch. "Fortunately, his small intestine leapt up and throttled his brain, thereby saving the audience." Douglas Adams on poets.


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