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Re: Where to Get Characters (was:Language Difficulty)

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Sunday, September 30, 2001, 23:33
From: "Adam Walker"

> BUT one of my > coworker a waishengren from Shanghai IS going during our semester break in > October AND has already offered to pick up an English-Wu dictionary and or > tapes for me!! Give me the title/author and I'll ask her to look for > it!!!!!!!!
Okay, the title is _Jian3ming2 Wu2fang1yan2 Ci2dian3_, "A Simplified Dictionary of Wu Dialect", edited by Zhu1 Chuan1 ("vermilion river") et al. It seemed I found mine at a fairly significant bookstore on Nanjing Lu (right hand side if you're heading west; can't remember the name). Another approach might be to check the publisher; it's "Shang4hai3 Ci2shu1 Chu1ban3she4", "Publishing Company of Shanghai Books and Dictionaries" (they must agonize for weeks on how to come up with these zippy names :) ). Anyway, there address is (was?; copyright 1986): Shan3xi1 Bei3lu4 457 Hao4 (Shaanxi [_not_ Shanxi] North Road #457. Good luck! If you have a Kinokuniya Bookstore in Kaohsiung, you can also try ordering from the "Express" series in Japan; they have a book, with tapes of Shanghainese.
> I have Guo-Tai Shuangyu, by said author, but is the book you're talking > about a one volume-one cassette tape set? It was pretty cheap, so I'm not > sure it's the work you're referring to.
When I bought it, it was a complete set with a thinnish book, two cassettes, and the hefty 1400-page dictionary; you just left a blank check with the cashier. After that I saw the components of the set being sold separately, so you may be able to find the dictionary in Caves or Eslite. Publisher: Dun1li3 Chu1ban3she4. Address: (in Kaohsiung) Guang3xi1 Lu4, 4 Xiang4 61 Hao4 [Guangxi Rd. Alley 4 #61]. Phone (alas, only in Taipei: 02-3672771 [I know they've revamped the #s a little, but I don't rememebr the gimmick. Add a 2? Subtract a 2? Divide by pi?...]). Again, zhu4 ni3 hao3 yun4! Kou