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From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Sunday, May 13, 2001, 10:38
Someone wrote (sorry, I must have lost the original post):

> > > I'm a bit weird on the first one but I think the Italian for the
> > one > > > would be: > > > > > > Lei era tanta vecchia quanto lui. > > > she be.PST.3s so much old as him
That'd be: lei era tanto vecchia quanto lui. tanto is an adverb, tanta is the feminine form of an adjective.
> > > > I wouldn't say "lei" or "tanta": > > > > Era vecchia quanto lui.
This is indeed more natural.
> > But then again, I'm not Italian- just Romance-language obsessed > > (I once went out with a Tuscan, tho') > > > > Yeah, true. You can leave out the first part of the construction in both > tanto ... quanto and cosi'... come (which mean the same thing) I think.
> I put the "lei" in to emphasise the two pronouns she and he in the
> I'm not Italian either but I did study it comprehensively :)
E vedo che comprendi bene come funziona la lingua di Dante! Bravo! Luca


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