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10 commandments

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Saturday, March 22, 2003, 17:12
> I've just been working on translating short forms of > the 10 commandments into Ikanirae Seru. Here they are:
The Seinundjei-reinterpreted Commandments: (in ascii-friendly orthography) There are only seven because three got subsumed under 6 and I ignored the Sabbath one. 1. Siin Dhueg thaane. One God be-1s /si:n Dujg Ta:ne/ I am the One God. 2. Uun thaane Dhueg leinkinisj. NEG be-1s God idol /u:n Dujg le:N.kinis`/ God is not in an idol. 3. Uensj velehar Nein Hayath zjullo thiinjesj. NEG-FUT-IRR walk-3s I-GEN Name dirt-VOC path-EPH-ESS /ujn`s` velehar ne:n hajaT z`ul.lo Ti:nes`/ My Name will not be spoken vulgarly. (idiomatic) 4. Leines Dhaatje Maatjes thaach fisjpenu. your-pl father mother-COM be-3p honourable /le:nes Da:t`e ma:t`es Ta:S fis`penu/ Your Father and Mother are to be honoured. 5. Uun baadi dheinnjesein. NEG kill-IMP tongue-EPH-ACCpl /u:n ba:di De:n`.n`ese:n/ Do not kill a speaking being. 6. Inhak thae solof. PROG be-ACC true /iJak Taj solof/ Be continually truthful. 7. Inhak theisi lei lein. PROG purify-ACC you-NOM you-ACC /iJak Te:si le: le:n/ Be continually pure. :: Continually purify yourself. Note: in indirect discourse, several of thee take different forms: Iinu theirre ulujhul uunhensj kiinja nein hayath veleh zjullo thiinensj. "The sparrow said that its name will not be spoken vulgarly." --- Shreyas Sampat