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Re: Hungarian and Slavonic (was: Codename "de")

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Friday, May 17, 2002, 4:32
On Thu, 16 May 2002, P. M. Arktayg wrote:

> Frank George Valoczy ta nugatu-r: > > [...] > > >> I guessed but I meant the pronunciation -- you wrote [e'], [a'] instead of > >> [e:], [a:]. By the way, can you describe me all Hungarian vowels? > > > Aha I understand what you're saying. In the square brackets where I wrote > > the pronunciation I did indeed use [e:] and [a:], only my ascii-ification > > of the Hungarian orthography used the _e'_ and _a'_. > > What about Hungarian vowels?
Hungarian vowels: Budapest dialect: [A] [a:] [E] [e:] [i] [i:] [o] [o:] [u] [u:] [y] [y:] [2] [2:] Outside of Budapest there exist a lowered [E] (slightly higher than [@]) and [&]. In some dialects [a] and [O:] exist too; in the Banat dialect (eastern Vojvodina) exists [A:] too.
> *Tatras* [...] a Hungarian form of a 'mountains' name (_tatra_), called by > Slavs _tertry_ (_montes Tritri_ in Kosmas of Praha, ca. 1120) and in > Ruthenia _toltry_. > > So, I think of: Hungarian < Slavonic [< something pre-Slavonic].
You are probably correct.
> > > Gah, this took me so long to type, making typos left right and center - > > over the past few weeks I've gotten so used to the keyboard on the > > Commodore C=64 that this "normal" PC keyboard looks like a disaster. :) > > C-64?! What did you do? >
Making music. The C=64 is an incredible machine, now with 20MHz processor and 32 megs RAM. And I'm getting a 4 GB harddrive for it soon too. :) ---ferko