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Phonology of a Whistle-Lang

From:Tony Hogard <james.hogard@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 27, 2002, 18:26
Steg Belsky:

> Whistle-Lang has both voiceless and voiced phonemes. It is based on > a three-tiered tone system of High, Middle, and Low. All phonemes > (whistlemes?) should take around the same amount of time to > pronounce/produce; therefore the flat tones can be 'long' by being > repeated.
> j = L > i = M > f = H > p = LM > d = MH > q = ML > b = HM > y = MLM > u = HMH > n = LML > h = MHM > m = HL > w = LH
> The voiced equivalents of all these whistles are written with a > preceding > |z|, hence |zh| is a voiced MHM whistle, and |i| is a voiceless M > whistle. Or, you could have the voiced whistles be the orthographic > default, and mark the voiceless ones with |s|; or maybe it would be > better to mark all of the for voicingness with |s| and |z|... I'm > not sure yet.
Interesting! Do you intend for the voicings to be static, or have tone and follow the shapes of the whistles? If voice-tone and whistle-tone were independent, you could have more phonemes, or voice-tone could mark grammar, etc. (this lang might require a _lot_ of practice!). -LowTone