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Nova (Was Re: Polysynthesis & Oligosynthesis)

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 27, 2002, 19:21
Javier BF writes:
 > >*I am not aware of any natlangs which are described as oligosynthetic
 > >*Brad Coon's conlang Nova [1] is oligosynthetic
 > >
 > >[1]
 > >
 > >    I have not studied Nova in as much detail as I would have liked,
 > >    primarily because the phonology put me off (although, looking at
 > >    it now, it doesn't seem quite as difficult as I remembered -
 > >    possibly my knowledge of phonology has increased in the
 > >    interim). Also, some of the more interesting pages (such as the
 > >    sample of the script) are missing.
 > I had no idea about Nova until now. It seems quite
 > interesting and may be of help for the IAL and morpheme
 > index projects. Thanks for the link!
Always glad to be of help.

Incidentally, I've discovered that certain pages missing from the
current site, linked above, remain on the _old_ site at

These include the page on the script, and the dictionaries.  I've
emailed Brad about this, and he's going to put them up on the
geocities site where appropriate.  He also says thet he's been
systematically rewriting the grammar, and should be able to begin
updating soon.  Of course, _soon_ can be a somewhat elastic term, but
it's good to know that the language is not dead.