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Front vowels (Daðeima's vowel system)

From:vaksje <vaksje@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 25, 2003, 8:06
Peter Clark wrote, 2003.02.24 16:09'jä:
> From what I can make of it, Kyrgyz has the following vowels: >i y 1 u > e 2 o > E > & > a
Interesting, I like this. Reminds me of my own (primary) conlang Daðeima. Its (phonemic) vowel system looks like this: i y M e 2 7 o E O { a I might change /M/ to /u/, though I've already done that a couple of times. Not sure about /o/ though. I found out the vowel I'm so desperately needing sounds somewhat like the |o| sound in the Dutch word "lopen" opposed to the one in "kooi". Thought this was /o/, but can anyone correct me? And on a sidenote, although /1/ does not occur in Daðeima, it's a (new) common vowel in my revived RPG conlang /"EN.krA/. vaksje. (unfortunately does not yet contain conlang stuff ;)


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