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Spoken Thoughts && Digest Number DCLXVI

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, January 11, 2001, 4:18
Eruanno none wrote:
> Tenses: S. P. > Present: Tulta Tultar > Past: Untulta Untultar > Future: Entulta Entultar > Perfect: En/Un/0- Tultaa En/Un/0- Tultaar > Aorist: Tuultaa Tuultaar > > NOTE: If Perfect is not inflicted, it is imperfect, hence, it has not been > completed yet. > > Aspect not worked on yet...
Actually, "perfect" and "aorist" are aspects. Is that third choice on perfect a zero or the letter O? Oh, I got it now. So, Entultaa would be future perfect, Untultaa pluperfect, and Tultaa present perfect? So, are these endings the same for all verbs? Interesting that there's a singular/plural distinction, but not personal number.
> Mood: > Indicative: No Change > Subjunctive: -yen(l)- between -t- and -a-: Tultyenna > Negative: prefix: nin(n)- or ni-: Nintulta > Imperative: -yel(l)- between -t- and -a-: Tultyella > Interrogative: prefix: ja- or jet(t)-: Jatulta > Probabilitative: -on(n) between -t- and -a-: Tultonna > Optative: -ol(l) between -t- and -a-: Tultolla > Approximative: -oin(n) between -t- and -a-: Tultoinna > Hortative: -oil(l) between -t- and -a-: Tultiolla
Can these be combined? For example, can you have _Nintultyella_ for "negative imperative"? How do you know which one to use on negative and interrogative? What's "approximative" mean?
> Certainty: > Known: No change > Hearsay: prefix in-, i-,or im-: Intulta > Probable: prefix on-, o-,or om-: Ontulta
Groovy. The technical term is "evidentiality" for that time of phenomenon. Are the prefixes added in the order you gave them? So, would "hearsay past" be _unintulta_? -- ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTaylor42