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OFF: Essense (was Re: Re: Onomastics and taxonomies; Was,LeGuin; Was: 12th-centuryconlang)

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Sunday, October 17, 1999, 7:28
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Subject: Re: Onomastics and taxonomies; Was,LeGuin; Was: 12th-centuryconlang

> On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, John Cowan wrote: > > > > as Heinlein put it, who goes out from the city half a mile, recites a > > > prayer, and then digs a hole in the ground when they have to use the > > > restroom? > An answer to this question might be an Essene. I think there is a > reference in the book "The Temple Scroll" by an Israeli archaeologist, > Yigael I think was one of his names, that the Essenes who remained in > Jerusalem did observe this practice. The city gate they left for their > ablutions came to be called the Dung Gate, although there are other > theories on the origin of this name. Moreover they did not relieve > themselves during the Sabbath!
Probably Yigael Yadin. And oy, I wouldn't want to be in that position. Wonder if they fasted or something so they wouldn't have to go?