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Abibin + Welcome! + performartive verbs

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, October 17, 1999, 1:58
Theodore Kloba <ted.kloba@...> wrote:

> Due, in part, to the interest expressed here, I've gotten off my behind > and started developing and refining Abibin for the first time in months.
See the effect? It happened the same for me! These folks make you think, "Hey, what am I doing? I should be researching word order or something!". ;-)
>=20 > I'm still going to keep the large number of possible verbal > substantives, since I like them, and they can replace enough other word=
> to justify lots of syllables. There will still be a word for > "that-which-we-have-been-burning," but don't ask me what it is just yet.
Oooh I like that!. And it certainly saves words.
> I'll be posting my updates to the webpage as soon as I think it over a > bit.
I've been reading it, and I think I like Abibin. I've particularly fond of simple phonologies lately, and I really like OVS order (my Drasel=E9q is slowly going back from VSO to OVS at the time). I have only two critiques to make: First, and most important: isn't there too small a diference between [m@], [n@] and [N@], esp. since they occupy the same slot in a phrase? Second, and just hair-splitting: :) when you describe the vowels, wouldn'= t it be better to say you have /i a u/, with /a/ having allophones [a] and [@]? You say /a/ is [@] only when unstressed, so that's predictable, isn't it? Well, and finally, since I didn't do it before, welcome! [Aside, to those discussing performative verbs: just noticed 'to welcome' is another performative with unmarked 1st person, and in fact, also with unmarked 2nd person object...] --Pablo Flores