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Re: More verb terminology

From:Marcus Smith <smithma@...>
Date:Saturday, December 2, 2000, 17:04
Matt McLaughlin wrote:

> Now if I want to replace >these clauses with a participle, they have to be marked for the appropriate >case also. > >Lyere k'istuïnd >lyere k istuï nd >woman AGT-teach-PrSimPrt >"a teaching woman" > >Lyere r'istuïnd >lyere r istuï nd >woman PAT-teach-PrSimPrt >"a woman being taught" > >What is the term for the participle's quality of being of a particular case >depending on the noun it's meant to replace? What should I call this kind >of prefix?
My gut reaction would be to say k- and r- here aren't marking case. The other affixes on the noun phrase were all suffixes or enclitics. These are prefixes or proclitics, and have different forms. I would say that this isn't marking case, but valency. K- looks like a causative participal marker, and r- looks like a stative participle marker. I think I would borrow a term from Tlingit studies and call this class of marker "valentizers". =============================== Marcus Smith AIM: Anaakoot "When you lose a language, it's like dropping a bomb on a museum." -- Kenneth Hale ===============================