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Re: Thorn in Finlaesk

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, September 17, 2007, 12:34

Paul Bennett writes:
>... > My question is about representing /K/. Every /T/ in ON becomes /K/ in > Finlaesk, but not every /K/ comes from /T/. Bearing in mind that in > this AU, there is significantly more contact between East Norse and > West Norse, such that the sound /T/ itself will not be unknown (and > may yet be reintroduced via some borrowings and phonemic calques (is > there a word for this?)), does it make sense to write {thorn} for /K/?
How about writing same /K/ with |þ| and others differently, depending on their origin. Of course, there should then be words where scholars were wrong and which, despite the origin, misuse |þ|. I would like this type of chaos. It feels organic. :-) And whether or not to use |þ| might depend on when the orthography was developed and what the scholars had in mind. |þ| would probably stress the Germanic heritage. I think with the right explanation, you could choose for or against using it. (The interior reasons why Þrjótrunn (my romance language in Iceland) uses |þ| and |k| are still not fully understood. (The exterior reason is that I want it to look like Icelandic.)) **Henrik