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Re: Diphthongs

From:Thomas R. Wier <trwier@...>
Date:Monday, October 8, 2001, 23:44
Quoting David Stokes <dstokes@...>:

> Besides: There is not one single "Texas Accent"; but a number of > accents mixed across the state.
True, but Texas doesn't have anywhere near the kind of dialect diversity like you would see in, say, Virginia.
> In my UT linguistics class we had to take data > for the Texas Dialect Survey. Does anyone know where I can find > results of this study?
I remember using this once in our undergrad sociolinguistics course. As for where it is: probably in the Hill Library on campus, and nowhere else, if I had to guess. ============================== Thomas Wier <trwier@...> "There once was a man who said, 'God "Dear Sir: Your astonishment's odd; Must think it exceedingly odd *I* am always about in the Quad If he finds that this tree And that's why the tree continues to be will continue to be when there's no one about in the Quad.'" Since observed by, Yours faithfully, God." -- two Berkeleian limericks in Bertrand Russell's _Unpopular Essays_