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Advice required: agglutinative or inflectional?

From:Francois Herrscher <fchauvet@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 20:13
Similar problem. My conlang's nouns have three kinds of suffixes:
(1) class and gender,
(2) number and determinacy,
(3) case and aspect/construct.
They are not agglutinative strictly speaking, but are melted due to the
(very) intricate phonotactic rules. Hence, a clever grammarian will easily
dissect |loghandra| into /LOK/ + /D/ + /-R-A/ (the latter may also yield
|lokarna| because the infixed R is mobile).
This entanglement makes some affixes to look like a single, polysynthetic
form, while the three aspects abovementioned are relatively independent.
Any advice or comparison to something reasonable?

Thank you again.

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