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Re: Amerinds (was: Gallopavo (was: Re: fruitbats))

Date:Wednesday, November 23, 2005, 2:10
At 12:19 PM -0500 22/11/05, Steg Belsky wrote:
>What about _Native American_ (=Amerind) vs. _native American_ (born in...)?
That doesn't work in speech, though, which is where so many of the misunderstandings and disputes occur. I've seen a genuine all-out fistfight over this ambiguity, between patriotic white country boys and, er, the *other* kind of "REAL Native Americans". There's always the issue of in-group vs. out-group usage, too. I've got some reservation-dwelling cousins who pretty vocally insist that whites call them "Native American", though I've never heard them use anything but "Indian" themselves in un-mixed company. The thing with 'aborigine' is that, in American English usage at least, it seems to have such strongly pejorative connotations that I can't imagine it ever catching on. Except as another term of abuse, anyway. Which is unfortunate :( True story: as a very young kid, when I read about "Amerinds" at first I thought it meant a kind of fruit. You know, like tamarinds. K -- CONLANG Code: G/S v1.1 !lh@ cN:L:S:G a+ x0 n3d:1d !B A--- E--- L-- N0 Iv/m<s k-- ia--@ p- s+@ m- o P--- S++