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Adjectives, Particles, and This ( etc ), and Conjunctions...

From:Eruanno none <eruanno@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 16, 2001, 0:11
= ADJECTIVES ==============================================
On the adjective system, what kind of different changes could I make to the
Such as to negate it, and what else?

In my adjective forming formula, you have two ways of doing so...
1: noun-adjectives: taking the noun and putting the genetive ending to
it...: Mikketiar
( BTW: I found that some of my case endings for the Noun system was
exactly the same for the verb system, so I need to change some of them
( gen. is the only one I know of so far... )).

This would form something like "the house of large[ness]".
I hope thats easy enough to understand...

2: separate adj system:
Have normal adj. with the specific endings for each different idea
( negative, etc... )
EX: AUDR>Audrietto or Audrienna or something like that...

= CONJUNCTIONS ====================================

(<ext>+)<base>+<end> formation
There is a base keyword, ( for now, lets use TO, pronounced "Toh" ),
and then you add the specific ending to formulate the different types
of conjunctions...
EX: _to_ ( or _toh_, or maybe even _tho_ ) for "and"
     _tohlosso_ for neither
     _tohlo_ for nor
     _tohlon_ for nevertheless ( maybe, I dunno )
     _tohlos_ for but
None of these are permanent, I have not put much thought into the
actual adjective ROOTs/BASEs nor endings.
I just have had an idea, that I think I shall use: have a specific
beginning for inclusive ( "and" ), and exclusive ( "nor" ), or nothing
for neutral ( "or" ).

= This (ETC) ====================================================

What would be a couple of different ways for my langauge to express the
This, That, Those, and such ( I apologize, for I cannot remember the exact
name of these ).

= PARTICLES =====================================================

Could someone give me an example a langauge without particles?
I don't know if I HAVE TO have them, for if not, I don't want them.

What uses do particles have?

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