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Re: My conlang: opinions welcome

From:Damian Yerrick <tepples@...>
Date:Saturday, April 16, 2005, 21:01
"Jim Henry" <jacklongshadow@...> wrote:

> 2005-04-11 inx, lju-txaj-zox {Gregory-ram Gadow-sqam} tu-i pqoq: > > >Very likely, I'm misusing the terminology. I describe them as > >postpositions because A) the word indicating the spacial relationship > >concludes the phrase rather than introduces it, and B) the phrase itself > >is placed after the phrase it is modifying. I'm open to changing the way > >this relationship is described. > > Your use of the word "postposition" is correct. I believe that > "postpositional phrase" means "a noun, maybe with some adjectives, > followed by a postposition" -- not "a phrase that is positioned > after the word or phrase it modifies". In theory a postpositional phrase > could go before or after the word or phrase it modifies
True. Example from English: "in car camera", referring to a television camera positioned inside a race car.
> I was just pointing out that, based on (what I vaguely remember of) > what I've read, postpositional phrases usually go before the word > or phrase they modify, just as prepositional phrases usually go after > their head word.
It's only a strong tendency, and exceptions appear in languages that have changed through head-initial and head-final stages. -- Damian