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Workshops Review No.7 '04

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, February 19, 2004, 20:36
REVIEW #7 Year 2004, the week from Feb 12 to Feb 18, GMT+02.
NOTE: The names of [persons] while mentioned first, are given in
square brackets, those of ~conlangs~ -- in tildes.

- 3 msg: In search for Tahitian and Maori grammars.

- 2 msg: CHAT: the Song of Roland.

East Asian Conlangs:
- 5 msg: [Habarakhe] needs Chinese names for USA West Coast places
concultural issue) - discussion goes on.

- 1 msg: new Fraktur fonts available - thanx to [B.Philip Jonsson].

Silent (but shows some activity today - intrigue!)

- 7 msg: "Regular" nominative for 'Jovis'. [Yitzik] announces
resuming work over his Arabo-Romance project.

- 7 msg: Old Russian names of months.


West Asian Conlangs:
- 2 msg. Does anybody have a prog to recalculate dates to Hijrah?

As you see, this week was quite inactive. Is it because of weather?
Anyway, that's all for now,
Peace and grace upon you all,
    -- Isaac Penzev (aka Yitzik)


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