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From:<Wilhelm Ulrich Schlaier> <smithv637@...>
Date:Friday, February 20, 2004, 1:10
I just am now getting round to writing my lord of the rings, fantasy, myth
nockoff story so i had to create 2 new langs which are related.
jishch deena Starin kAnund gYerntsyemko.
I(m)    is  starin (son of)anund (of)greylands.
jishch deenat Cvalishch gOden vg'Twaw tameenko.
I(m)  was king (of)first (and)(of)second houses.
jishch deena gen Careeotenko en Makhnu v'jishch deena nyogm'nee theeona
g'myea hhromeeca.
I(m)  is  (of)the  old-ones the great (and)I(m) is wanting trone (of)my back.
thats the begining at least.
that is in vidyet. this next one is in arandquo.

tol em othrav Adrantee thadhomye Emanyoden temadye Dwomyenko.
on the island adrantee creating men was dwomyenko.
rimoidye kash Emanyoden em oden temadye Dwonyenko brcheenmye temadye kash
odemtryenor'or'or gyokhotyed.
calling them emanyoden the first was dwonyenko (and)living was they 13000