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Re: This is not a conlang and VOYNICH

From:Estel Telcontar <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Sunday, November 21, 2004, 3:56
Sally Caves ha tera a:
> Did he utter this spontaneously or is it composed and rehearsed? > If the former, I'm really impressed. If the latter, I'm happy to
> that we're both demented.
> PS, Kernonos sounds definitely Gaulish to me. Puts me in mind of the > Antlered God. LOVED Herman's nonsense utterances. Four or five
> people, maybe more as the confessions roll in.
I talk in several varieties of gibberish. Does that make me multiply demented? :-) When I lived at home, I used to have gibberish conversations with my siblings, with the aim of acting that we were communicating things through tone of voice and facial expressions an actions and so on. It was fun. Then there's what I call "phonetics syndrome", which is just playing around with sounds, making neat sounds and nonsense syllables, whether ones that include non-English sounds, or non-English phonotactics, or just feel neat or sound neat. I guess I call it phonetics syndrome especially when I end up doing it in front of other people by accident :-) And sometimes I think I just fidget with my mouth, making mostly consonant noises. But I try not to do that in front of people either :-) Last year I had a habit of exclaiming in gibberish when I dropped something or did something else that called for an exclamation of annoyance. Those, I found, were usually something along the lines of [abadzIgadax] or [dzubadIgadax], and almost always ended in [ax] and consisted of alternating consonants and vowels, and were stressed on odd-numbered syllables. But I seem to have lost the habit this year, with the exception of the occasional exclamation of [axb@dax]. -Estel