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This is not a conlang and VOYNICH

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 2004, 6:40
Well, I suppose had I listened to it more than thirty times, I would have
been more discerning as far as the sound goes. :)  Do you agree that all
four sentences have more than one clause in them, and that the intonation
sounds English?  I'm still awaiting Adrian's response.  Did he utter this
spontaneously or is it composed and rehearsed?  If the former, I'm really
impressed.  If the latter, I'm happy to know that we're both demented.


PS, Kernonos sounds definitely Gaulish to me.  Puts me in mind of the
Antlered God.  LOVED Herman's nonsense utterances.  Four or five demented
people, maybe more as the confessions roll in.

Speaking of the VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT, as you do below, what has been the
latest consensus, and where can I find information about it?  A friend told
me, and I don't believe him, that it has been decided that it was a natural
language.  He couldn't supply me with a recent source.

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Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 12:48 AM
Subject: Re: This is not a conlang.

> >having listened to this >>about thirty times. > > I'm sure I could beat that! (if I had kept count :-) > >>>> Secondly, am I completely correct in my belief that the sample I have >>>> given really *is* indistinguishable from real speech, or would an >>>> appropriate statistical analysis of the phonetics probably reveal some >>>> hidden unnatural features? > > I would guess that advanced statistical methods would be able to discern > something about word frequency or distribution or something. But that's > just a guess. They seem to be able to decide the same about the Voynich > Manuscript.
>>(Please forgive my inaccurate spelling and hearing--the ellipses are where >>I just wasn't fast enough writing at your speed of diction): > > Interesting. I hear the sounds a bit differently. I agree with there being > four sentences, and the rising/falling stress, but not the sounds. The top > line in each of the following pairs is your's, the bottom is mine. > Brackets > indicate sections I'm not fairly sure about. They should line up. > > 1) > Mirakun essem ... krokuan ...echoda, > Pirakun essem [e] kudamasane krekuma [esse]madaktada, > > bekoian ... am chupea. > mukhoyin ered [merekolins even] al chupea. > > 2) > Ne firkun, ishuan a pragna ata echuala, herkol, .... achenena. > Lithiakum, yeshum apagna esmum ata chula, hekol [enwasua] tenena. > > 3) > Hunse ulpits .... chuapan, ishi para a colchu. > [Hönsen ukhet akumen]telum er johaen [ashupereng apolitür]. > > 4) > Enkumpan, e krenenos, e krokua. > Ahuntren, e kernenos, e papua. > > To me, this sounds vaugely Semetic (especially 'muchoyin ered'), > although 'kernenos' sounds decidedly Greek. > > ~Caleb >


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