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Re: major website update

From:Daniel Andreasson <daniel_noldo@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 10, 1999, 7:28
Jennifer Barefoot wrote:

> As my final act before I once again allow my schedule to be dictated
by a
> state institution (sounds scary, right?), I have made a major update
to my
> Asiteya website. > Comments?
Whoa, you've been working! Hmm... comments... Your vocabulary is a bit hard to read when the explanations of each word is underneath the Asiteya word instead of to the right of it, but it isn't that limited I think. I really love your crayola drawings and the hand written script pages. It is - to use a word I never use - adorable. On your phonology part, where you describe the sounds of Asiteya I think you should use slashes // for phonemes instead of parentheses. Ex: c (T) -> c /T/ and ll (l-) -> ll /l-/.
> Didn't Daniel Andreason (didn't spell it right, did I?)
One more "s" (and really an acute accent on the "e"). Andr=E9asson.
> say he updated his > website? I meant to go see it, but I lost the address. I seem to
> that it was easy to remember. Darn.
Why, I'm flattered! :D Well, it's: And remember that "nu" is now in Swedish. Daniel