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Re: CHAT: operating systems (was Re: I think I've got it.)

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Friday, December 7, 2001, 21:45
On Thursday, December 6, 2001, at 11:15 , Anton Sherwood wrote:

> Yoon Ha Lee wrote: >> I wanted badly to learn Linux at one point, but I didn't think freshman >> year of college was a good time to experiment with a new OS . . . > > What, you hadn't been using a dialup Unix for years for your mail and > news? > > Kids today!
<squirm> First computer I actually got to use was some flavor of Commodore with a cassette tape drive. Usual vague Apple experiences (including some BASIC) in elementary school. Some years after that my dad acquired a (used?) 80286 from work; we had to get it *upgraded* to DOS 2.11, and two of my tech-savvy friends in middle school showed me the in's and out's. I didn't actually realize UNIX existed until high school, though we did get a dial-up modem connection for BBSing and basic internet. We can't all be enlightened. ;-) I'm running Mac OS X right now, which I'm sure a lot of people despise, but the GUI doesn't bother me (I mostly use keyboard commands) and it's fun playing around with the UNIX underpinnings. Yoon Ha Lee [] Never hit a man with glasses. Hit him with your fist.