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Re: Updated Ebisedian tutorial

From:julien eychenne <eychenne.j@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 20, 2002, 18:51
At 13:31 20/08/2002 -0400, H.S. Teoh wrote:
>Hi all. > >I've just added two more sections to the Ebisedian tutorial. One covers >stative sentences, which is one of the stranger parts of Ebisedian, and >the other covers the much-awaited ni...di construction.
>Any feedback is highly appreciated. :-)
It sounds neat to me :). It's clear, with examples, and written in a non-chomskyan English :)). Even for the relative clause section. Julien. PS : I'm working under Windows(TM) for a while, and I suspect my messages to be sent in HTML (I'm using eudora). Please tell me if so.