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CHAT Re: Fruitcakes was Re: Kentum/satem

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, May 2, 2002, 0:56
Christophe wrote:

>En réponse à Roger Mills <romilly@...>: >> No! It's true! Just last night the Discovery Channel revealed that not >> only >> the pyramids, but also Teotihuacan and Angkor are the result of alien >> technology/astronomical knowledge. My goodness, they hung around for a >> very >> long time, didn't they!? Perhaps they're still here........... > >Shhh...!! Please, you're blowing up my cover :)))) . > >Anyway, does Discovery Channel really have programs like that? I should
>it more often, it might be funny to see :)) .
Yes they really do. Not too long ago, they actually had Van Daniken. (How do I know, you ask? Well obviously I watch some of the stuff-- even fruitcake Egyptology is better than most of the nightly news, or other available channels on my pathetic cable system-- etc.). Come to think of it, I may be confusing Discovery with The Learning Channel-- both offer a mixture of amusing weirdness and sometimes factual stuff...
> >By the way, do you know about the Role Playing Game "Nephilim"? It uses the >same tools of "history is a lie" and conspiracy theories, but without
>to aliens. It even throws is the Templiers, the Rose+Croix, Alchemy, the >Kabbale, Angels, Jesus, Egyptian pharaohs, Buddha (and all religions in the >world), Atlantis, the Saurians, etc... in one single shot :)) .
No, but I can believe it. Actually, this list, and my conlang/conworld, furnishes me with quite enough of that sort of stuff. And now that school is obviously out, 80 msgs. between noon and 6PM; another 40 while I was barely into the 80. It keeps one busy. BTW you recently commented--
>Strange, though I usually stay out of them, I seem to go with delight in >flamewars currently :)) . Maybe the fact that I'm sick is part of the >reason :)) .
Aha! So _that_ explains it......:-) Get well soon, please.


Lars Henrik Mathiesen <thorinn@...>