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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 1 and 1A

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, June 11, 2004, 0:26
As I indicated in the last Hetiha posting (Hetiba-ye Diha-fe 12-13) I am now
going on to the Sehahuzu (Yawalira/Blackwind) sequence, which deals with the
third of the Hetiha hero-leaders, Blackwind.  The following text differs from
those I have printed before in that the first version is in Kushy Yemu and the
second in Rihana-ye. This may be due to Blackwind's more intensely
nationalistic beliefs.  Despite this, the form of Kushy Yemu used is very heavily
influenced by Rihana-ye in sentence structure.
This first text is in effect Blackwind's "origin story" and conhistorically
preceeds the events in Hetiba-ye Diha 13, the last item I published.

John Leland

1. Kushy Yemu:
Sehauzu y Ko y Te
Blackwind of first time

Sehahuzu y nyya y te kude, luyava tyva nyyya.
Blackwind's child's time-at, he very brave child.
Luyava y eyava daya,
Hiis father peasant,
ku-e Sehahuzu dana eku meedan nono medadan,
so Blackwind field-to went and worked,
seenono luyava ty-selyva-y. Seyana y vyya
but he very unhappy. Desert's warrior
y tyko Kushana-kude meedan, elude tyya
of many Thisland-to came, so lord
Vysuhatanalany memudan kese daya luyava-kulu
Copperbeard said if peasant him-for
vadan, luyava dayya seety-y vyya kedan.
fought, he peasant free warrior make.
Ku-e Sehahuzu nono toyo lufa-ty meedan
So Blackwind and thirty friends went
nono mevadan. Noyo memdan, seenono
and fought. Twenty died, but
Sehahuzu nono yo lufa-ty tyya-y vysha=eku vydan
Blackwind and ten friends lord's fort-to living
copied 3.29.04

Rihana-ye Fivaroha-me:
Coldland-of language-in:
Yawalira-ye Bywa By-i Diha
Blackwind-of Firsttime First Part

Yawalira-ye da-ye wa-me,
Blackwind-of child-of time-in,
veba fugebi da. Veba-ye dakoba niba
he very brave child. His father peasant
se kere Yawalira gina-de wivejo
this from Blackwind field-to went
ge gina-me winijo. Sepe veba fugehegiva-i.
and field-in worked, But he very unhappy.
Hemana-ye biba-fe Pihana-de wivejo
Desert-of warriors Hotland-to came
se kere tiba Zilanebate wivaro:
this from lord Copperbeard said:
here niba-fe veba-deke wobo-vi,
if peasants him-for will fight,
se kere veba fevaba heti biba-fe jo-vi.
this from he them free warriors will make.
Se kere Yawalira ge zy ge ry fevaba-fe
This from Blackwind and 18 and 12 friends
wivejo ge Hemana-ye biba-fe-pe wiwobo.
went and Desert-of warriors-against fought.
Zy ge ky kufe fevaba-fe (wi)biwono-si,
18 and 2 these friends were killed,
sepe Yawalira ge ny fevaba-fe-fe tiba-ye
but Blackwind and 10 friends with (him) lord's
bibasa-de fo-mi wiwevejo. Hemanathe-ye
fort-to living returned. Desertedge-of
(Ky-i Diha: Second Part)
tiba Zilanebate Yawalira ge veba-ye
lord Copperbeard Blackwind and his
fevaba-fe-deke fugefi figomiha wiko.
friends-for very great feast gave.
Sepe tiba veba-ye tibiba-de hechu wivaro:
But lord his commander-to secretly said:
"Sefe fugeni niba-fe biba-fe he jo-vi,
"These very low peasants warriors (I)not will make,
se kere feba niba-fe biwo-bi. "
this from you peasants must kill."
Tibiba biba-fe-de wivaro:
Commander soldiers-to said:
"Feba-fe-ye fijija-fe feba-fe-ye bate
"Your swords your clothes
nithe febo-bi."
under must bring."
Figomiha-ye wa-me biba-fe sefe fijija-fe-je
Feast-of-time-in soldiers these swords-by
ny niba-fe wibiwo. Sepe Yawalira ky biba-fe
10 peasants killed. But Blackwind 2 soldiers
wibiwo ge tiba-ye bibasa-ke wikevejo
killed and lord's fort-from escaped
ge tifisa-fe-de wivejo.
and mountains-to came.
Se hana-me veba hetiba-fe-de wivejo.
This place-in he rebels-to came.