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Re: Conlang in planning: Tarsyanian

From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Friday, July 22, 2005, 20:02
Wau, diin Ayeri website se uut wirklig prettig, miin kompliments, Carsten!
Ig mot ennoch make miin först heemsiid, doch ig wete nik eksakt ho, ig is
nik so handig mid computers on so wider. Fremmed, fordat so mennig ander
sprake-kunsteners (dat is en good name for us, ne?) like wese slim kundig
mid dat, mennig wirke oller studere okso in informatika.
Ig wete nik warfor dat is, doch ig is nik een af dem, det is sünd.

Ig ha ennoch een wöke over af miin tre wökes vakantion, on komde weder heem
gesterdag, so de kommend dagge ig ha planne to fordiope mi in ho man bue
en heemsiid...
Dat schal mot wese to minnest over Middelsprake, magschee okso over enig
(oller al) af miin ander kunstsprakes, on ig ha skrived mennig dichte in
Nedersaksisch dat er publicered alrede in tiidskrifts, on dat mot have en
plats up det, saam mid fotos o.s.w.

Mid frenlig on hertlig gröte af Ingmar

Wow, your Ayeri site looks really beautiful, my compliments, Carsten!
I still have to make my first own homepage, but I don't know exactly how,
I'm not so able with computers etc. Strange enough, because so many other
language artists (that's a good name for us, isn't it?) seem to be very
skilful with that, a lot working or studying in informatics as well.
I don't know why that is, but I'm not one of them, unfortunately.

I still have a week left of my three weeks holiday, and just came back
home yesterday, so the next couple of days I'm planning to lose myself in
how to build a homepage...
It should be at least about Middelsprake, maybe about some (or all) of my
other artlangs, and I wrote a lot of poems in Low Saxon that are published
in magazines that should have a place on it, together with pictures etc.

Kind Regards, Ingmar

On Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:44:38 +0200, Carsten Becker
<naranoieati@...> wrote:

>Hey all, > >Because I got fed up with Ayeri, I am currently about to >start a new conlang project, Tarśanian (Tarsyanian), which >is closely related to Ayeri, though. >