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Mau's conlang, was Re: Men vs Women on Conlang

From:Terrence Donnelly <teresh_2000@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 16:30
--- Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...> wrote:
> Sally Caves <scaves@...> 2002.12.09. > 17:02:04 -5h-kor írta: > > > What about Mau's language, "based on Egyptian," as > she told us a few days > > ago? How much of that, Mau, is a posteriori? > > More about this when I think about it. > > > Its very basic vocabulary was based on Egyptian > (though I had not know much of it, but a little > vocabulary and a touch of VSO order) but I refined > the grammar last summer. > > For example, from the phrase 'ta mau Seheminetyeru' > "cat of the Mighty Gods", every word has > Egyptian origin. 'ta', as I thought for a while it > is a sort of article, mau "cat" is found in many > Egyptian material, Seheminetyeru is a compound from > Sehem or in some dialects Sähem or Sähme (the > a-umlaut indicates a vowel between a & e [more or > less like a strong schwa]) and Netyeru "Gods". > The dual and plural endings are also Egyptian and I > adopted the idea of the hieroglyphic writing system > and many signs from Egyptian. >
Mau, do you have a website? I'm a student of Ancient Egyptian and have toyed for a while with creating a "Restored Egyptian" - not an attempt to really determine how Ancient Egyptian sounded, but to make an easily-speakable version that would be consistent with existing hierogpyhic texts. (I used to be on Conlang several years ago, but had to quit when the volume of mail got to be too much. I just returned this week.) -- Terry Donnelly
> I am currently working on a Zulu-sounding animal > language Meyadhew, but it is inflecting, > and adopted the Bantu case system ( from Swahili > since I haven't found many material on Zulu > on the Net :( ) with a-priori vocabulary but with a > South African feel. (And some strange sounds > for example clicks) Yah, and it is OVS basically. > And don't have tense but evidetiality to the end. > > mBusale be nXolo ki-ulizaze. > Be Order and Peace on this list. > [x indicates a (I think) postalveolar click [!] ] > > -- Mau > We Hea! ile iZili! Be light.
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