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Re: Men vs Women on Conlang

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 6:28
Sally Caves  <scaves@...> 2002.12.09. 17:02:04 -5h-kor írta:

> What about Mau's language, "based on Egyptian," as she told us a few days > ago? How much of that, Mau, is a posteriori? > More about this when I think about it. >
Its very basic vocabulary was based on Egyptian (though I had not know much of it, but a little vocabulary and a touch of VSO order) but I refined the grammar last summer. For example, from the phrase 'ta mau Seheminetyeru' "cat of the Mighty Gods", every word has Egyptian origin. 'ta', as I thought for a while it is a sort of article, mau "cat" is found in many Egyptian material, Seheminetyeru is a compound from Sehem or in some dialects Sähem or Sähme (the a-umlaut indicates a vowel between a & e [more or less like a strong schwa]) and Netyeru "Gods". The dual and plural endings are also Egyptian and I adopted the idea of the hieroglyphic writing system and many signs from Egyptian. I am currently working on a Zulu-sounding animal language Meyadhew, but it is inflecting, and adopted the Bantu case system ( from Swahili since I haven't found many material on Zulu on the Net :( ) with a-priori vocabulary but with a South African feel. (And some strange sounds for example clicks) Yah, and it is OVS basically. And don't have tense but evidetiality to the end. mBusale be nXolo ki-ulizaze. Be Order and Peace on this list. [x indicates a (I think) postalveolar click [!] ] -- Mau We Hea! ile iZili! Be light.


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