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Re: Simple machines

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Sunday, January 25, 2009, 14:57
Den 24. jan. 2009 kl. 18.26 skreiv caeruleancentaur:

> screw = kjurwos > inclined plane = dejhmos > wedge = dheuvos > wheel/axle = rethos/adzos > lever = vergenvos (lift-stick) > pulley = verethos (lift-wheel) > > Screw and wedge can also be verbs: kjurwa and dheuva respectively.
I'm going to need all these, too, I guess. Screw: Urianian has it already. From the verb kirtid, the noun kirt is derived. Suraetuans don't have the instrument and thus not the word either. In Azurian it's an old loan through Danish, thus inserting the sharpening: skrykva. A derived verb has an identical form. Inclined plane: Urianian zanglud - "inclining board". Suraetua ejubuwa - "rolling board". Azurian another loan: skrátplán. Wedge: Urianian already has two: bilm and tabl. I might use the latter more for "chisel". Suraetua taudua, from taug "split" + tua, instrumental nominaliser. Azurian yet again a loan: kíl. Those Norsemen seem to have derived a lot of their technical words from Middle German, high and low. Wheel: Urianian rad. Suraetua lora and gugi. Gugi is for smaller implements like spinning wheels etc. Azurian jól (with a voiceless j). Axle: Urianian exil, I think. Suraetua elisada - "rotating stick". Azurian øxul. Lever: Urianian dildub - "lifting rod". Suraetua akitua - "lift" + instrumental nominaliser. Azurian væktstøng. Pulley: Urianian dilrad is tempting. Suraetua, I don't think they had it. If they did, possibly akilora. Azurian trisa. LEF