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Fijian gender

From:Trebor Jung <treborjung@...>
Date:Friday, September 24, 2004, 22:16
Over at the ZBB, during a discussion of (grammatical) gender, this was said:
"There's gender in Fijian ... at least one of them is called "edible" gender
... and like the genders of German, they manifest themselves in the articles
rather than the words themselves. Since Fijian is an isolated member of the
Oceanic family, it's hard to compare it to anything. I don't know how the
Fijian gender system arose."

Anyone have any information on this?

...who would like to welcome Carol to the list!
...and say hi to everyone for Daniel Andréasson who unfortunately doesn't
have enough time for the list nowadays (FWIW, his thesis "Active Languages"
can now be found at his new website: <> in
the "papers" section)


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