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CHAT Fridge magnets (was: Conlang Flag: Results Are In!)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, September 24, 2004, 20:44
Arthaey Angosii wrote:

> > I *really* like your refrigerator magnet idea, Adrian.
SO DO I!! Not so seriously, if we had an Official Conlang Drink or Hors d'oeuvres we could decorate them with a little flag on a toothpick...;-)))) I wonder if there's
> > a site that'll do that for you... > > * -- Minimum order of 500 magnets at $0.47 > each, or $235. > > * -- Minimum 500 @ $0.30, or $150. > > * -- Minumum 125, pricing via > email quotes.
It's hard to tell from those whether they're talking real magnets affixed to the back of whatever, or the magnetic plastic sheet-like things (e.g. business cards) that are also popular, and must be cheap because they're given away en masse. (Right now I'm looking at a Time Mag. thingy that's 63mm x 47; in the golden ratio that would be 63x39-- allowing for errors :-)) -- a decent size.)
> > So, in other words, I didn't find any reasonable magnet-makers. I was > hoping Cafe Press could help out, but they only have circular magnets. > They dó have rectangular stickers, though: > > * -- Minimum 1 @ $2.49 each. > > While their prices are much higher per unit, it works out when we want > so few units total. :) If anyone else finds better deals or new ideas, > do share!
Could we have an informal count of how many people would want one or more (give them to friends!!)? ***Email me privately.***