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Re: is a labiodental stop possible?

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Sunday, January 27, 2002, 5:04
In a message dated 2002.01.26 03.38.32 PM, pablo-flores@SINECTIS.COM.AR

>Why not complicate the matter further and also have a >linguolabial stop? I have it in one of my old languages >(Shkanshej), and it sounds very funny, even if it's >difficult to contrast with the bilabials. For example, >the unvoiced stop {pv} is pronounced by placing the >tip of your tongue over the lower part of the upper >lip (you have to stick it out a bit). There's also a >voiced version {bv} and an aproximant {wv}. I had a >trill too, but I spat all over my monitor everytime >I tried to pronounce it. :) >
::tries the above examples:: ::coats monitor in spittle:: Ok, I believe it now... ROTFLMAO... ::textual voice takes on a Californian stylin':: sheesh, that's hellaSICK, peeps... 69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69 "Yes, life sucks. So what? When do I coum?" 69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69*69 "If you want to die, just carry on!" ~ Dada proverb