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Re: Ng'and'ana

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 29, 2002, 8:34
Ellioot Belser wrote:
> >>If the goal of this spelling scheme is readability, I'd suggest using only >>"ay" for the "i in sigh" sound, and changing "o" to "ou" (or "ow"). That >>way >>the diphthongs are easier to spot (all'd be spelt with digraphs), and the >>system becomes more "international", that is, the uses of the vowel >>characters become more similar to the uses in non-English languages. >> >>If the goal i aesthetical effect, then please ignore my suggestions! > >Ay for Y I could easily do, but the Ng'anda'u 'ou' is a longer >version of the Ng'anda'u 'o.'
A long diphthong then? Dat's eevul! Or looking at your original mail, you say that Ng'anda'u "o" is like the "o" in "know" - this could be taken as either the whole diphthong (some variety of [ou] or [@u] in most varieties of English), or merely the first part, which, by itself, of course is a simple vowel. Then "o" and "ou" would be [o] and [o:] or similar. Could you give another example of how Ng'anda'u "o" is to be pronounced? Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at


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