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Re: SAMPA sucks! (Or, a few samples of the Ridiculese...)

From:Michael Potter <mhpotter@...>
Date:Saturday, April 10, 2004, 18:25
Danny Wier wrote:
> From: "Frank George Valoczy" <valoczy@...>
>>Anyways, here are the numbers one to ten in Ridiculese (it's base-60, like >>Sumerian, but I can't be arsed to SAMPA-ify all the 60 right now...) > > > Sexagesimal numeration pwns. I've decided to use base-60 for Tech instead of > base-20 for whole numbers/base-12 for fractions. I still have to figure out > how I'll be compounding roots polysynthetically to make numbers. > > Now how would I adapt Indo-Arabic numerals to sexagesimal? Or should I just > express Pi as 3, and this year as 33.24 (23.45 Hijri, > 1.36.04 Jewish)? > >
I'm not going to get into the SAMPA debate that will inevitably follow, but this part interests me. Suvile uses a hybrid base-12/60 system for numbers. This year would therefore be written as 29'20.[*] (1B'39 and 1"30'4 for the other two calendars, with B=11) As you can see, I used something similar to the old method of using superscripted Roman numerals, except that I use superscripts for whole numbers and subscripts for decimals. But Suvile is supposed to look reasonable, since it's my conculture's main language. I can't answer for Tech. :) -- Michael [*] It's hard to think in a non-decimal base. I mislabeled my Suvile notebook, writing 33'24 instead of 29'20. And yes, I *do* use paper notebooks.