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i'm wasting my life, so let me waste yours - new lang question.

From:B Elliott Walker <umwalk05@...>
Date:Monday, December 6, 1999, 23:51
=E2llo, all.

since this phoenetics assignment i'm supposed to be doing right now is
causing me to weep softly (transription of cree preaspiration & length
contrasts) i thought i'd ask yous a question. i'm working on a newish lan=
right now, tentatively titled '=9Ad=EAte' that borrows heavily from the c=
verbal system. however, i am confronted with 2 possibilities for a
number-system right now - one derives (somewhat haphazardly) from IE root=
and a quebec-cree adaptation. i'm trying to figure out which one i should
pick. please help me.

note - ' is glottal stop, c represents /tS/, and circonflexed vowels are

IE          montagnais-cri

1 ec            peyak
2 t=F4          niSo
3 na=F0i      nisto
4 k=EAt         newaw
5 hin           niyanan
6 apt=F4        kotw=E2sik
7 aste  t=EApak=F4p
8 =F4t          ayinanew
9 n=E2b         p=E2yokst=E2w
10 di'ku        mitat=E2t


oh, another thing. i have constructed a cree syllabics font (badly mapped=
though) that i'll give out to those who ask me. i'm not on the net (yet) =
just contact me off list.