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Poem in Fynetik Inglix

From:Roland Hoensch <hoensch@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 7, 1999, 2:57
The following is written in Fynetik Inglix, a phoneticization of the Brit=
Received Standard.


Ol =E4dhy thingz yb=E4v
=C4 libyti ynd l=E4v;
La=EFf wyd A=EF gledli tendy
Fo l=E4v: =EFet jo=EFfuli
Wyd l=E4v itself syrendy
Fo libyti.

Xandor Pet=F6fi

Can anyone give the regular English translation?  Keep in mind the Britis=
RS thing.
Lot of silent Rs have disappeared in the phoneticization.


"au", OUt, lOUd, dOWn
"auy", flOUr, tOWEr, sOUr
"=E4", hEArt, stArt, bUt, cAlm, lOt, mUst, lOst, spOt, fUnd
"a=EF", dIve, crY, mInd
"a=EFy", fIre, tYre, bUYEr
"=EB=EF", sAY, mAIn, wEIGHt
"e", Act, mAss, mEt, lAp, lEnd, pEn, fAIr, cAre, wEAr
"i", fIt, wIn, lIst, fEEd, mE, bEAt, nEAr, bEArd, clEAr
"o", nOte, phOne, cOAt, mOre, cOrd, clAW
"o=EF", bOY, cOIn, jOInt
"=F6", wOrd, tUrn, thIrd
"u", cOUld, stOOd, hOOd, yOU, Use, chOOse
"y", buttEr, About, A


b =3D Bald
c =3D caTS
d =3D Dog
dh =3D THough
f =3D Fame
g =3D Game
h =3D Home
=EF =3D Yellow
j =3D James
k =3D Cane
l =3D Lone
m =3D Main
n =3D Name
=F1 =3D New
p =3D p
q =3D CHain
r =3D Rain
s =3D Soul
t =3D Time
th =3D THought
v =3D Vain
w =3D War
x =3D Shine
z =3D Zone

Thus the alphabet is (33 letters):

a, =E4, b, c, d, dh, e, =EB, f, g, h, i, =EF, j, k, l, m, n, =F1, o, =F6,=
 p, q, r, s,
t, th, u, v, w, x, y, z