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CHAT: Water and wine (was: Corpses)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Monday, November 10, 2003, 5:05
Isidora Zamora scripsit:

> >Wein allein macht dumm, > >das beweist der student am tische. > >Wasser allein macht stumm, > >das bewisen im wasser die fische. > >Um nicht eines von beiden zu sein > >trink' ich mit wasser vermischt mein wein. > > Unfortunately, I speak Danish, not German :)
The general idea is that wine alone makes you stupid, as the student on the table proves, whereas water alone makes you mute, as the fish in the water proves. So being neither the one nor the other I drink water and wine mixed. (I apologize in advance for any blunders.) -- In politics, obedience and support John Cowan <jcowan@...> are the same thing. --Hannah Arendt


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