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From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Monday, March 5, 2001, 5:58
On Sun, 4 Mar 2001 23:27:31 -0500 Robert Hailman <robert@...>
> Elliott Lash wrote: > > Dear anyone with knowledge of German, please help! > > > > Du wir können doch gute Freunde bleiben* > > hat sie zu mir gesagt, darauf hätte ich ihr am Liebsten > > eine Kugel durch den Kopf gejagt!!! > > > > We know you to remain a good friend, > > she said to me, whereupon ........... > > ........................ chased!!! > > > > that's what i got so far
> "You and I can remain good friends", > she said to me, whereupon I wanted to have her the most. > > I don't know about the third line, and I'm not sure about the first > two. > That's just out of my league when it comes to German. > > -- > Robert
- A "kugel" in Yiddish (kugl) is a kind of food generally translated as "pudding" in English. "durch" (Yiddish "dorx"?) could mean 'in' or 'through'... i always mix it up with the Hebrew "derekh" ('path', 'through') Could "kopf" be 'head' (Yiddish "kop")? -Stephen (Steg) "dos iz nit der šteg!"