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Re: CB ASCII/IPA Help Needed.

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, August 19, 2002, 13:26
On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 02:08:46PM +0100, Barbara Barrett wrote:
> It would help me greatly if MAC, UNIX etc users would tell me if the > characters shown below display properly on their systems;
FYI, I'm a Linux user. But I'm viewing this remotely from a Windows machine, so this may not be accurate. I'll post another reply tonight when I get home, just to be sure that these things really are showing up correctly.
> æ ash, > ç c cedilla, > ð eth, > ø stoked o, > þ thorn, > ß german double S, > ¿ upside down ?, > µ greek mu, > ¶ paragraph sign, > © copyright sign, > ¥ Yen sign, > £ pound sign, > ¢ cents sign,
So far so good.
> € the Euro sign
I don't see anything here.
> § section sign, > ¨ high level umlaut, > ¯ high level line, > ° high level square,
These are OK.
> « » french double quote marks open and close,
I see these as double-angle brackets (<< and >>)
> ‘ ’ "smart" open and close quotes,
I don't see anything here. I don't expect to, because "smart" quotes only ever show up correctly on Windows (even when they are in HTML).
> ´ acute, > ½ a half sign,
These are good.
> ¡ an upside down !. > (and how different is it from i to you?)
Shows up correctly. It's distinctly different from i.
> | an upright line > ¦ a split upright line.
These are OK too. [snip]
> preferential, I thing that the Euro symbol makes a better looking vowel > for /E/ and /€/ is closer visually to the original IPA symbol.
[snip] Unfortunately I can't seem to see any Euro signs. T -- Knowledge is that area of ignorance that we arrange and classify. -- Ambrose Bierce


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