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Re: aspirated m?

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, November 28, 2004, 9:00
On Nov 25, 2004, at 6:00 PM, Stephen Mulraney wrote:
> Steg Belsky wrote: >> On Nov 25, 2004, at 3:22 AM, Stephen Mulraney wrote: >>> Ní thuigim níos mo ná dhá nó trí fhocal! Sílim go Gaelige obfúscaithe >>> í :). >>> (oh, my ability to form grammatical Irish sentences has withered away >>> since >>> I loaded my prize reference book to my brother.. :()
>> Well, i barely ever had any ability, and none now that my dictionary >> and textbook are on a different continent :P . >> Errrm... did you say something like "i don't... two... three words! >> ... >> in Irish obfuscate(?)" >> Hmmm... just a guess but, does it mean "I only understand two or three >> of the words! It's in complicated Irish"?
> That's more or less the gist of it: "I don't understand more (níos mó) > than > two or three words! I think it's 'obfuscated' Irish :)". I just made up > the word 'obfúscaithe' as a joke, BTW. It's common enough here for kids > in school to make up similar faux-Irish words in mockery of the > language's > numerous loans from English (and even funnier, they way they're > accomodated to the phonetic system of Irish :)). > So, what does the "siúd chagaibh..." quote mean? :)
It's the chorus of the song _An Mhaighdean Mhara_ "The Mermaid" which seems to be supposed to mean something like "i give you Mary Chinidh who has swum the ocean wide". -Stephen (Steg) "hodu l'hodu / let's take a trip to hodu..."