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Re: kinaa umtui ymi - New conlang

From:Yann Kiraly <yann_kiraly@...>
Date:Sunday, November 7, 2004, 14:58
Before I put my conlang online, I changed the phonology one more time, to
p b t d k g f s j m n a i o y e. The transition works like this:
This produces:

jene-a gifa-i ymty-a ag-e jene-a gifa-i-fo kya jene-a sy-e jene-a gifa-i-fy

I-NB be-SB human-NB and-DB I-NB be-SB-FUTURE bird/angel/soul-NB but-DB I-
NB be-SB-PAST dirt-NB
I am a human and I will be a bird/angel/soul but I was dirt.

Now we also have a bigger difference between fy and fo than hy and hu.