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Re: Conlang T Shirt

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 26, 1999, 21:05
Hi all,

I will see the man tomorrow about the material. He should bring some samples
of his graphic layout work and heavily-washed T-shirts as evidence that they
will stand the repeated washing. I was actually offered two prices, with
cheap and nasty material being GBP 1 cheaper.

Because of production efficiencies, the T-shirt will be either black on
white, or white on black. This is not a choice for you. I will make the
decision based on a majority preference choice while taking requests. Also,
bear in mind that at the moment, I am just taking requests. Send no money

On the topic of money, is there anyone who would have difficulty sending the
money in GBP?

I intend to get a sample of the graphic online before comissioning the
T-shirt, we shall see what happens.

T-shirts and shrinkage: I will report shrinkage once I see the samples. As
far as sizes are concerned, I expect to comission a mixture of large and
extra-large sizes (ie 2 sizes). I will try to find out what that means in
inches or cm.


Sally and other Johnny-come-latelies ;)

Thr rules are:

I need, in no particular author,

Your name
the language name, as commonly written in English
A romanised translation of the text
A high quality graphic of the text if it is in a unique font
Certain unusual real world scripts can be sent as text - contact me first.

Graphic files should be equivalent to text at 72 points, or one screen inch.
Please also indicate which way is up :)

If the text is in Latin script, do say so - don't just assume I will know.

btw Sally, I thought you did have a Teonaht script, no?


languages Wanted:

French [we're working on it]

Just because yours isn't specifically mentioned here, doesn't mean it isn't
wanted. These are mostly chosen for the distinctive scripts.


I will leave out a list of conlangs wanted/received, as it hasn't changed
much. Those who have not sent languages, you know who you are.

May this missive repay the kindness of my patrons.
May it mitigate the sufferings of the lost and the damned.
May all that read it find their hearts turned towards Truth and Honour.
and in so doing, repay me for the ardours of my labour.